Joseph Canger began his art career as a portrait painter in Saugerties, NY in the early seventies, but traditionalism was not to be his calling.

A deep regard for women and their role in society combined with his desire to intrigue, if not shock observers brought him to the world of sculpture.

Employing plaster, wood, paint, and real objects, Canger will employ a variety of mediums and techniques to raise the world at large out of its dogmatic slumber.

He will not be confined to a single school of thought. Pieces like “Reflection”would seem to locate him among the Surrealists, while “Laurene” might reside with the Realists.

It is not Canger’s goal to apply himself in one of these directions, but rather to straddle the lines among the genres with a consistent set of ideas about society that he can reveal through his artistic skill.

He has had a variety of well-received shows in New York and Seattle, and his work was recognized for its various achievements on the nationally syndicated “The Living Edge” show.

Now living in New Jersey, his work continues to leave a lasting print on the minds of his fans and critics, and he continues to push himself deeper into an uncharted artistic space.